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         "Atomic horizons" Company

      Your stalker in the world of nuclear energy

      Searching for a reliable sector for successful capital investments, investors try to find an answer to the question: Can the nuclear energy market be that secure segment of economy that

      • Minimizes risks,
      • Achieves the fastest pay-back, and
      • Brings income.

      Our polls and research show that many investors searching for ways to deposit their funds consider the nuclear energy market to be Terra Incognita – an area that

      • Requires a lot of special knowledge from the investor,
      • Is an unreliable area for investing capital due to the continuous search for alternative, safer sources of obtaining power done by scientists all over the world.

      We invited a team of experts in nuclear energy and capital investments who can give you a detailed answer to the question:

      Is it worth investing capital in nuclear energy or is it better to pay attention to other industries?

      Last year we learnt that to minimize dependence on gas, the European Union was going to make colossal investments in nuclear energy. The mass media of the Federal Republic of Germany gave a brief about it and published a strategy of cooperation confirmed by heads of the EU governments. It explicitly gives intentions about active interrelation in the area of

      • Development,
      • Intensive extension,
      • Financing, and
      • Constructing reactors in compliance with the latest achievements.

      The European Commission that was specially convened insists that the planned construction of mini-NPPs on the continent will allow the provision of the complete domination in the nuclear sector.

      What is the reason of such insistence of the heads of European countries in the area of nuclear energetics development?

      We asked the experts about it, and they explained that today, all over the world, the top-priority task is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The need in these actions is stipulated by the current Paris Climate Memorandum.

      Today the situation in Europe appears as follows :

      • More than 130 nuclear power stations function in 14 countries of the European Union,
      • Their total capacity exceeds 120 GW.

      Not so long ago Iran offered Hungary to start work on developing a compact nuclear reactor whose capacity would be within 30-10 MW. Besides, the Iran Government is developing a project of joint cooperation on the construction of a nuclear reactor with the Russian Federation.

      The top-priority task of the British Cabinet of Ministers is to finally shutdown polluting power stations that still use coal and pollute the atmosphere with CO2 emissions. They will be replaced by NPP reactors that are already being constructed around the country!

      The public statistics say that in the nearest 10-13 years (up to 2030) investments in nuclear energy in the whole world will exceed $1.2 tn.

      One of the most authoritative world organizations, the World Nuclear Association, informs that by the term agreed in the relevant inter-governmental agreements (2030) about 266 modern nuclear reactors will have been constructed around the world.

      The total volume of investments in nuclear energy in Europe and CIS countries will be $343 bln!

      In North America where 5 NPPs are already constructed, they will start constructing 7 more plants in the nearest future, and the total investments will exceed $90 bln.

      Latin American and African countries intend to attract investments in the amount of $14 and $20 bln.

      Our company has been working in the market of nuclear energy for more than 4 years. It works on successful and profitable investing in the most perspective state programs regarding power supply and the modernization of out-of-date nuclear stations to considerably improve their efficiency.

      Implementing state programs to decrease expenses for power, we apply the means of our company’s investment portfolio. At the same time our experienced lawyers conclude energy saving contracts for differences (CFD) that guarantee profits.

      In fact our company earns profit from power consumers paying for services. Successfully implementing the mechanisms of investing in nuclear energy developed by us, we offer cooperation with potential investors and together we can earn the guaranteed profit within the selected investment plan.

      Nuclear energy is a reliable investment for decades.

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        ATOMIC HORIZONS LTD officially registered company #10694627

        The total volume of investments in nuclear energy in Europe and CIS countries will be $343 bln!

        For becoming a representatives, your active deposit must be a $500 or a ruble (BTC) equivalent, and have referral structure with deposits amount over $2000. After that, you should to contact the Administration to set a status by attaching a screenshot from your account and specifying your login.

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        • almagul77

          Все мои рефералы в восторге от работы с компанией,все в плюсе,собираюсь подключать партнеров с...

        • Дельфинчик

          С весны слежу за проектом , теперь видно к чему шли . Удачи ! Депнул на 2 плана сразу , уверен не...

        • Sebastyan ||

          An unusual project. Inspires confidence, invested.